Nobody wants to fail in life. We all
want to be the perfect wife, husband,
or parent. The perfect family with the
most beautiful house. We eternalize
our best life moments in picture with
the most beautiful background. Posing
from the best optical angles and
adding some filter to it. Look at us: our
life is tremendous, and we are so
beautiful. It almost seems like we don’t
really belief it and have to convince
And yes I am like that too. I was for 5
years into the hobby of royal icing
flowers. I have seen tons of YouTube
tutorial and bought all the Wilton
accessories, but never really practiced
it. Today I gathered the courage to
finally mix the egg whites to make
royal icing. Without ever having
squeezed one flower, I was convinced
my flowers would become a
tremendous success. I finally had
something to post on Facebook and
Instagram. But reality was different,

the egg whites were too frail.
And I could hardly name them flowers.
The sugar made my hand sticky, and I
was being clumsy with those stupid
pastry bags. I was done, what a stupid
hobby. My house smelled like egg
white and so many dishes to do. I
immediately wrote off my hobby and
ditched the icing fantasy. Although I
enjoyed the fantasy, but unfortunately
the reality wasn’t so perfect and
Later the day, the penny finally
dropped. I think we all secretly know
the truth. That life will not always be
beautiful. And we will not always be
nice parents and can quite often fail as
partners, hurting each other
unmindful. Admitting that our kids can
be annoying. Wishing that your house
could get another makeover. Yes,
everything must become better so we
can reach perfection. But why does life
have to be beautiful. Why can’t’ we
enjoy the failing, with our inner and

outer ugliness? Accepting that shit
I decided to continue with my flower’s
fiasco. I am going to try next week and
the next week and the week after and
the one after. They will probably never
become pretty like my fantasy or the
ones on YouTube. But life doesn’t
always need to be great. Its more
about the moments of falling and
rising up again. Letting go of
perfection and being able to laugh
really load at our failures. And then
just proceed with life! Living in the
moment, enjoying your not so pretty
house, your whiney partner, annoying
kids. Your social media pictures will not
be lovely and impressive, but so are
my limped flowers. And it’s ok, just let
it be! Cause life will be beautiful with
all its bitterness and imperfections!